In today's competitive banking world, where consumers are extremely selective, demanding better and faster services, the ATM network becomes a critical component of a bank's delivery channel, where access to cash and banking services, 24 hours 365 days per year is a critical factor. An ATM network that is well planned and managed could become profitable and provides a powerful technology platform for the bank to extend their coverage to their customers and effectively launch new products and services.

Symphony is a suite of modular ATM network applications that provides seamless integration in enhancing the performance and management of a bank's ATM network.

Operational Benefits

Symphony solution delivers unique operational benefits such as:

Better Control. Flexible parameterized menu driven options. Provides powerful ATM networks status monitoring. Faster response to customer service.

Faster Content Distribution. Provides a feature rich platform for distributing products and services across the ATM network, with various segmentation options for updating.

Minimize Customer Disputes. Analyze and manage fraud and customer dispute effectively and promptly through both image and transactional data capture. Data is accessed and retrieved through various options and schedules that are set by parameters.

Advance Architecture & User Interface. With Symphony's optimal compression and unique data transfer protocol, data is securely accessed, transferred and analyzed through a flexible and practical user interface.

Save Time and Cost. Reduce complexity and improve efficiency in expanding and managing new services across the ATM network.