Schedules EJ upload daily or multi-schedule per day.
Instant EJ uploads.
Immediate EJ review of individual ATMs.
Searches transaction data line in single or multiple file.
Manages and views EJ history file list.
Monitors EJ upload task under processing.
EJ file encryption and compression during transfer.
Tracks & traces during upload.
Stops on going tasks.


Symphony EJM (Electronic Journal Manager) is a software application that assists banks to centralize and provide online management of their EJ (Electronic Journal) data over their ATM self-service network. Symphony EJM was designed to work on various types of networks, from low to high bandwidth. Symphony EJM uses its own data transfer protocol to speed-up data transfer, track and monitor all EJ upload processes. In the event of an EJ upload file failure due to communications or an ATM failure, Symphony EJM will check and resume at point of failure to assure successful and complete EJ uploads. With low bandwidth networks, Symphony EJM can be configured to operate with minimum data transfer. With multi-processes, the EJ upload processing can be easily managed by the system. ATMs will be assigned with separate processes for each connection. For a large ATM network, multi-connection will handle EJ uploads for all ATM concurrently.




For security, DES is applied to encrypt and decrypt EJ data, while MAC is used for checking the integrity of data from ATM to EJM Server, this will be optional for bank to speed up EJ uploading process.



Base on client/server architecture, Symphony EJM provides workstation access to EJ server, so system administrators can manage the system on different levels, from headquarter to branches, from cities to provinces, regardless of geographical location.