Increase the performance of the Fraud Management team (1 person could monitor some thousands transaction per day).
Enables a bank to have a smaller Fraud Management team.
Provides a centralize fraud system for all channels.
Proactive handling of fraud cases as and when it happens.
Allows for Tuning of Rules on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly basis.


Symphony FDM (Fraud Detection Management) is a solution that helps banks to monitor and control fraudulent transactions of their on-us issued cards. Symphony FDM provides the bank with an add-on method to authorize transactions automatically. The solution was developed based on the fraud detection experience of our internet payment team, with input from card vendors such as VISA and MasterCard. The logic is to detect fraudulent transactions based on information such as: Terminal ID, Amount, Frequency, IP, Location, Customer information.


With Symphony FDM, the bank can quickly and automatically detect a fraudulent transaction in their current system, increasing the acceptance and reduce fraudulent, chargeback and customer disputes.


Main feature system support:

Provides an admin function to install and setup database for white list, black list, terminal network, user and roles.

Has a GUI interface to support install single or multiple rules linkage.

Able to scan/analyze and re-scan if necessary.

Provides reports.

Back end user will access system through web page in LAN network.


System will be installed at the bank site and operated as follows:

Bank system will send in transaction information to FDM based on predefined interfaces. FDM starts scan and matches transaction with installed rules. The analysis engine will process and return the result instantaneously.

System will determine the level of risk of a transaction such as Reject, manual review required or Accept.

The result will be returned to the bank’s system along with the alert.