Transaction images are stored in JPEG format as still pictures.
Supports up to 4 cameras.
Configurable Image management schedule.
No manual Master Key delivery.
Number of images to be captured are configurable.
Image resolutions are configurable.
Supports multiple ATM connections.
Images may be captured at different transaction steps.


Symphony ImagePro (ATM image capture solution) is a software application that helps banks centralize, manage, and monitor a customer's image while performing transaction at the bank ATM network. Symphony ImagePro will capture certain number of pictures attached with related transaction information like amount, card number, date, time and then send images through immediate or scheduled upload at the end of each day to the center. To make sure all images are transferred to the monitoring center, Symphony ImagePro uses customized file transfer protocol which supports both high and low bandwidth networks. At the center, bank operation personnel can search for specific images by using the transaction information.


Symphony ImagePro is designed to support both built-in and external cameras which are connected to an ATM core through the USB port. Transaction images can be stored in the same or different hard drives inside an ATM. Banks can configure to allocate certain disk space to store transaction images. The Image can be uploaded once, on-demand or daily as scheduled. With the implementation of Symphony ImagePro, banks will have the assurance to effectively manage all cameras of their ATM networks. Bank can know who or which customers are doing transactions at ATMs.


Symphony ImagePro also supports banks to solve customer disputes when a transaction is not successful, cash is not dispense or any fraudulent or discrepancy transaction.