Simplify connections from ATM, Kiosk to Switch.
Delivering additional bank services to customers via channels.
Enables a bank to implement any service with new technologies.
Connect easily to other Bank Service system.
Allows a bank to implement more non-traditional ATM, Kiosk transactions.


Symphony PGS (Payment Gateway Service) is a solution that helps banks expand, enhance and simplify implementation of advanced services on ATM and Kiosk networks. Symphony PGS supports to present Flex, .Aspx, MS Silverlight on ATMs and Kiosks screen dynamically, provides a consistent "look and feel" with other bank channels such as Mobile Banking and Internet Banking. All the non-financial transactions will be routed to Symphony PGS to minimize the customization effort required on the switch side, so ATMs and Kiosks can perform unlimited query, select billing information with customer confirmation before sending a final payment request.


With the presenting and routing are designed on separated modules, Symphony PGS can deliver more friendly and useful information screen independently with third party routing and connection modules.



Symphony PGS have MACing and Connection Authentication modules to validate the service provider connections. Besides this, the routing server is implemented between a third party and web application server system to reduce the attack to the web system as well.


System will be installed at the bank site and operated as follows:

Symphony PGS is designed to be independent from a switch system. A bank only needs to work with a switch to enable the standard payment transaction once, after which it can then implement multi-advance functions through PGS servers. It supports configuration on the server end based on an existing frame-work for new services.