Creates, monitors and manages installation tasks.
Schedules downloads.
Stops ongoing tasks.
Check sum for data packages while downloading.
Views history of downloads and installations.
Scripting capability for installation process.
Restarts ATM manually or as scheduled.
Option to rollback to an older version.


Symphony SDM (Software Delivery Manager) is an advanced ATM software application that helps banks centralize, manage, synchronize and personalize their software updates for all ATMs in their networks. Symphony SDM uses its own data transfer protocol to minimize transfer data time, track and monitor all downloads, and check installed processes. In case there is a download failure due to loss of communication or an ATM being down, the download will resume from the point of failure. With an optimal compression algorithm, Symphony SDM delivers updates to ATMs completely intact, be it an update screen, a fix or a new function update.




For security, DES is applied to encrypt and decrypt update data, while MAC is used for checking completion of data from ATM to SDM Server. This is an optional and configurable feature.



Symphony SDM is designed with a scheduling capability. Banks can configure the system to send the update to each ATM in a preset time, utilizing the idle time of the network, thereby saving the bandwidth for high transaction periods. Tasks can be carried out during the night, when the load of the network is at a minimum. The schedule can also be set for ATMs based on branches and zones, which is especially effective for regional-based advertisements. With the implementation of Symphony SDM, banks will have the assurance to effectively manage all their update requirements for their ATM networks.